The Tone Journey - Video Episode Listings


Each of our episodes are listed below. Click on a link for a complete description of the episode.

Mojotone Princeton Speaker Baffle Review
In this episode I review a 12" speaker Baffle from Mojotone that I installed in my '65 Fender Princeton Reverb
EWS Eric Gales Signature Brute Drive
In this episode I demonstrate and review the EWS Eric Gales Signature Brute Drive
The Encouragement Book
In this episode I give some advice to artists and musicinas looking for encouragement and inspiration
How to build your own DIY Speaker Isolation Cabinet
In this episode I describe how you can build a do it yourself speaker isolation cabinet (speaker enclosure) by using an example of one that I built
The Soundman, the Extra Band Member
In this episode I discuss the importance of the venue's front of house engineer (FOH) soundman to your band's overall sound and live performance
What It Means To Have Big Ears As A Musician
Your ears are everything as a musician. Use them.
The Loudest Band In The World
The Loudest Band wins? Maybe not. In this episode I talk about managing your live sound with the audience in mind.
Why You Should Learn Songs and Not Just Guitar Licks
Guitar Licks are great, but songs are wear it's at. In this episode I discuss why you need to get beyond your favorite guitar riffs alone.
The Most Important Thing To Know About Guitar Pedals
In this episode I talk about the one thing you must consider concerning all the guitar pedals in the market
Why It's Never Too late To Learn To Play Guitar
In this episode I discuss why you are never too old to begin playing the guitar
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